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May 13 The Bush Administration repeals 2001 Roadless Rule and replaces it with a state petition process
June 8 The Colorado Senate approves Senate Bill 05-243, creating a bipartisan 13-member Task Force to advise the governor on how inventoried roadless areas should be managed
August 9 The Task Force releases draft recommendations based on a series of public meetings and allows an additional 16-day public comment period
September 13 The Task Force submits final recommendations to Governor Owens
September 20 Judge LaPorte rules that the Bush Administration illegally repealed the 2001 Roadless Rule, sets aside the State Petitions Rule, and reinstates the Roadless Rule
November 13 Governor Owens submits petition based on Task Force recommendations to the federal government
February 9 Governor Ritter asks Regional Forester Rick Cables for interim protection of Colorado's roadless areas while he reviews Owens's petition and during the rulemaking process
April 11 Governor Ritter submits new petition to federal government, stating he wants an "insurance policy" for the possibility that the 2001 Rule is overturned again
August 24 Mark Rey, Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, accepts Colorado's petition, paving the way for state rulemaking
September 5 The Forest Service announces it has begun work on the rulemaking process for management of Colorado's roadless areas
December 26 The USFS publishes a Notice of Intent in the Federal Register to create a state-specific rule that will dictate roadless management in Colorado instead of the 2001 Rule.
January 22 10-year anniversary of Forest Service proposed moratorium on road construction in Inventoried Roadless Areas.
February 25 Comment deadline for Colorado roadless rule scoping.
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