Background      The Roadless Rule and the Colorado Roadless Petition      Timeline
    Background Main Chronology of Roadless Conservation Policy
January 5 President Clinton announces and USDA Secretary Glickman signs the final roadless policy.
January 12 Roadless Area Conservation Rule published in Federal Register.
January 20 President Bush takes office. White House directive postpones effective date of all federal rules not yet in effect.
February 5 USDA Secretary Veneman postpones effective date of Roadless Rule until May 12, citing White House directive.
March 21 The Bush Administration suggests the court enjoin the roadless rule after May 12
May 10 Judge Edward Lodge issues preliminary injunction blocking implementation of Roadless Rule; environmental intervenors appeal to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
December 20 Forest Service issues interim directive on roadless area management, removing protection for contiguous unroaded areas.
May 10 26 Senators send a letter to President Bush asking him to uphold the Roadless Rule.
December 12 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in 2-1 decision, reverses Judge Lodge's decision.
June 12 Bush Administration announces that it will propose changes to Roadless Rule to exempt Tongass and Chugach National Forests and grant waivers upon request of individual state governors.
July 14 Wyoming U.S. District Court Judge Clarence Brimmer decides that Roadless Rule violated NEPA and Wilderness Act and issues injunction. Intervenors appeal to 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.
December 23 Forest Service exempts Tongass National Forest from Roadless Rule.
July 12 USDA Secretary Veneman officially announces that Administration will propose replacing the Roadless Rule with a voluntary Governor petition process.
November 15 Comment period on Administration's proposed rule ends. More than 1.7 million comments oppose the proposal and support retaining the Roadless Rule.
May 13 Bush Administration issues final regulation repealing the Roadless Rule and replacing it with a state petition process.
December 14 Roadless Area Conservation National Advisory Committee (RACNAC) holds its first meeting.
May 9 RACNAC reviews and endorses petitions from Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina
June 21 Bush Administration accepts the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina petitions, leading to state-specific rulemaking processes.
September 20 Judge LaPorte rules that the Administration illegally repealed the Roadless Rule, sets aside the State Petitions Rule, and reinstates the national Roadless Rule except in Tongass National Forest.
October 4 Bush Administration re-charters RACNAC to review state petitions submitted under Administrative Procedures Act.
October 18-19 RACNAC meets and decides to continue reviewing petitions.
November 29 Judge LaPorte issues injunction barring road construction in connection with more than 300 oil and gas leases sold since January 2001.
November 29 Idaho outgoing Governor Risch tells RACNAC that his petition is intended to protect all but 500,000 acres of Idaho’s IRAs consistent with the Roadless Rule.
February 6 Judge Laporte issues final injunction, clarifying that the injunction extends to oil and gas drilling permits (as well as leases) issued since May 2005.
April 9 Forest Service and timber industry appeal Judge Laporte’s decision to the Ninth Circuit.
April 10 Federal Register notice initiates 30-day scoping comment period on Idaho petition for state-specific rulemaking.
April 11 Colorado Governor Ritter submits roadless petition including exemptions for ski areas, grazing, and coal mining.
May 24 Bills to enact the Roadless Rule are introduced in the House and Senate.
June 7 Judge Brimmer denies State of Wyoming's request to reinstate his 2003 decision enjoining the Roadless Rule.
July 5 Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals denies State of Wyoming's request to reinstate intervenors' appeal of Judge Brimmer's 2003 case.
October 19 Judge Brimmer holds oral arguments on State of Wyoming's new lawsuit challenging the 2001 Roadless Rule.
December 20 Idaho roadless rule draft EIS released.
December 26 Colorado roadless rule scoping notice issued.
January 22 10-year anniversary of Forest Service proposed moratorium on road construction in Inventoried Roadless Areas.
January 25 Tongass final forest plan released.
February 25 Comment deadline for Colorado roadless rule scoping.
February 28 State of California sues the Forest Service for failing to protect roadless areas in 4 southern California forest plans.
April 7 Comment deadline for Idaho roadless rule draft EIS.
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